Expert Computer & Laptop Repair

Our mission is to provide quick, high quality, and affordable Expert Computer and Laptop Support Services to both businesses and home-based clients.  Our full range of services includes:

PC Troubleshooting Repair Training
Hardware Installation Software Installation Configuration
High-speed Internet Connections DSL Broadband Cable Modem
Virus and Spyware Removal Printer Installation Wireless Network Setup

Our Many years of experience combined with our expert knowledge of computer, laptop and software repair makes us one of the best companies in the New York metro area for all your computer needs.

Some of our Services Include:

PC Repair & Troubleshooting:
Faster running computers means getting work done faster. We all know time is money and with a fast paced business world you can't afford to lose any. Our expert technicians will transform your PC's into fast business class machines so you can rest easy. Let us worry about the details!

Staying connected to the world means keeping your business up to pace. We make sure your network problems are solved so operations can continue smoothly. The internet is a vital part of your business and we make sure your business is connected. We can setup your office computers to share data and access the internet in a safe manner. We can also set up safe and secure wireless networking.

Malware and Spyware Removal:
Make sure your data stays safe. Nasty hackers and computer viruses can cause havoc on your local area network. If one PC gets infected you can almost always guarantee the rest will. Our technicians are Spyware and Virus Experts. They have all the necessary tools to remove and prevent future infections.

Internet Setup:
Does your business need a quick reliable way to operate on the internet? Let our technicians set this up for you. We specialize in network setup and security so your home or office network is safe and secure.

$ 85.00 per hour for PC, Windows software and printer repair.
$125.00 per hour for Microsoft Server and Support
$150.00 to $200 per hour for Enterprise Services.