Virtualization Services

Virtualization Strategies to empower and simplify your daily operations.

ASAP/NetSource virtualization services enable you to operate computing resources in an organized, consolidated fashion – saving you money by leveraging existing IT equipment and resources. In addition we assist organizations in the transition of their asset management systems to provide a fully integrated user experience. ASAP/NetSource focuses on an optimized backup and recovery strategy that enables disaster recovery.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is the most popular messaging and collaboration application in the world. The Exchange platform is the engine for all the sought after e-mail and information-sharing features in Microsoft Outlook and other e-mail clients. With Exchange Hosting, business users can enjoy advanced, synchronized communications without the hassles and headaches of maintaining their own Microsoft Exchange Server.

Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD)

Hosted Virtual Desktops provide the benefits of centralization and network-based access from any thin client device or re-purposed physical PC. The HVD model renders customers with an attractive server-based computing solution that enables them to centralize desktop management in the data center. In addition, the HVD solution increases control of enterprise data while providing users an ability to access the desktop environment across the LAN as well as over WAN connections.


Virtual Desktop Benefits

  • Centrally Managed Desktops
  • Lockdown Capability
  • Less Time spent on Physical Devices
  • Reduce Cost per PC by 40%
  • Improve Service Stability
  • On-Demand Deployment of New Desktops
  • Security against virus infections and hackers
  • No coexistence with physical desktop environment
  • Enforced compliance measures
  • Centralized license management