Unified Communications / PDA Support

ASAP/NetSource Unified Communications creates a unified workspace by integrating IP communications and collaboration products and applications into a single, unified system. Without unified communications, disparate voice, video, data, and mobility applications cannot live up to their potential and are far less effective than they could be. The result is communications complexity, inefficiency, information overload, and misdirected communications. All of these challenges delay decisions, slow down processes, and reduce productivity across the enterprise.

ASAP/NetSource Unified Communications helps companies contend with communications complexity. It also addresses the growing needs of increasingly mobile workers who now conduct business from their desks and in conference rooms, airports, warehouses, and vehicles. ASAP/NetSource Unified Communications clears communications roadblocks by:

  • Unifying voice, video, data, and mobility applications on both fixed and mobile networks: With rich call control, unified messaging, and unified client software, workers can take their workspace (and all its advanced capabilities) with them wherever they go.

  • Enabling more effective communications: With presence and instant messaging, people can check the availability of colleagues, know how and where co-workers wish to be reached, and click-to-communicate in real time.

  • Delivering media-rich collaboration: When voice, video, and web conferencing solutions use the power of the integrated network, people can collaborate instantly. They can also easily escalate sessions by adding video to an audio conversation or by adding web conferencing or white boarding to an existing audio or video conversation.

  • Enabling the creation of business applications: With ASAP/NetSource service creation platforms, customers and partners can develop innovative rich-media and web applications, making it possible to embed unified communications capabilities into existing business process systems.

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